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Sparrow's new Be Well web portal can improve the overall health of your employees, reduce unnecessary costs, and inspire productivity in today's dynamic environment. Getting on the path to wellness Sparrow can provide a comprehensive, integrated platform to improve wellness at your company. Be Well at Work provides the tools you need to get on a path to wellness, including:

  • Incentives and reward systems
  • Fueling your body and activity tools
  • Event scheduling and management
  • Team challenges
  • And more!

Engaging your teamThe key to success with Be Well lies in engaging your employees with a guided, individualized approach, delivering targeted programming specific to their risks and goals. Directing participants to the right content at the right time is critical to engaging your team for long term change.Be Well includes a host of interactive tools and features that are fun and easy to use, while delivering messaging and motivation relevant to wellbeing.


The ability to deliver behavioral change programs and to monitor compliance and efficacy is critical to any wellness offering. With our wellness workshops, organizations can deliver prescriptive, self-paced and customizable programs to educate and empower individuals to take control of their lifestyle choices.

Team Challenges

An effective and new approach to motivating employees is to deliver wellness campaigns that allow departments and organizational teams to compete in wellness initiatives. Using the Be Well at Work Health Portal it is simple to set up teams, post real-time results and manage a team-based competition automatically.

Social Sharing

Comment boards allow employees to send messages to each other during challenges. Communicate with your team to make sure everyone stays on track.

Smartphone Apps

People are rarely without their mobile phone these days. The Be Well Mobile companion enables you to extend the reach of your wellness initiatives no matter where your users are using their mobile phones.

Food Log

Our food log and meal planning capabilities enable users to easily log their caloric intake or choose from our user-driven meal plans, offering millions of possibilities for each day.

Fruit & Veggie Tracker

The Fruit & Vegetable Tracker allows you to quickly and easily log and track the number of fruits and vegetables you eat on a daily basis. The tracker includes 6 categories; 3 fruit categories and 3 vegetable categories. Each category is separated according to similarity in calories and nutritional value.

Weight Log

Log your weight each day to help you track your progress and adjust your plan to meet your goals.

Taking action to change

Many people often wait until their conditions manifest before receiving care. Taking an active role in your health allows for more effective management of disease, reducing insurance costs and improving your quality of life.

Measuring your success

With Sparrow's management tools and full reporting suite, Be Well at Work provides reports in real time - monitoring user enrollment, participation, and completion of programs. This capability is invaluable in measuring effectiveness, driving quality, and ensuring program compliance - resulting in a healthier return on your investment.

Sparrow has been providing quality, compassionate care to mid-Michigan for more than a century. Let Sparrow and Be Well help your company get on the path to wellness. For more information, contact Sparrow's Worksite Wellness Coordinator at 517.364.8167 or complete the form below.

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Be Well in the Kitchen

Be Well in the Kitchen

Where the art of cooking + the science of nutrition = a recipe for good health

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