Sparrow Foundation Endowments

Sparrow Foundation Endowments

Jonathon R. Gingas Pediatric Subspecialty Clinic Endowment  

Jonathon R. Gingas Pediatric Subspecialty Clinic Endowment

Jonathon was born on June 18, 1983, and thus began a life of numerous surgeries and winding roads of recoveries. On the day of his birth, Jonathon had his first surgery to treat his Spina Bifida. This earmarked the beginning of a long journey undergoing more than 100 procedures to save or improve his quality of life.

But Jonathon is a warrior. Despite all the adversity he has faced throughout his lifetime, Jonathon embodies a heroic spirit that is evident to everyone he encounters. Throughout the course of Jonathon’s treatment, his family has been grateful that the Sparrow Subspecialty Clinic provided a central place to receive care from multiple medical specialists in one place, at one time.

In appreciation for the care Jonathon received, the Gingas family created The Jonathon R. Gingas Pediatric Subspecialty Clinic Endowment in 2022. The endowment supports the Pediatric Subspecialty Clinic with essential needs including advancing technology, equipment, education, operational support, research, outreach, programs, and more. This endowment will help provide Mid-Michigan families with the facilities and services they need to receive comprehensive medical care close to home!

James W. Butler Administrative Fellowship Endowment

The James W. Butler Administration Fellowship Endowment is named in honor of James W. Butler, a well-respected and beloved community member who served on the Sparrow Board of Directors. He championed access to high-quality care for the most vulnerable and believed in creating platforms to guide the success of others.

James passed away on Aug. 7, 2020. Sparrow continues to keep his work and legacy alive while embracing and building an understanding of diversity in healthcare, resulting in the creation of the James W. Butler Administrative Fellowship. The Fellowship continues his legacy, preparing hospital administrators of diverse backgrounds and perspectives to meet the future of healthcare with empathy, understanding, and compassion.

Learn more about the James W. Butler III Administrative Fellowship.

​Deborah L. and Michael G. Harrison Mammography Endowment

Deborah L. and Michael G. Harrison Mammography Endowment

East Lansing resident, wife, and mother of three, and grandmother of five, Debby Harrison was in excellent health. With no family history of breast cancer, Debby scheduled a proactive mammogram at Sparrow to stay ahead of the curve. What should have been a routine mammogram became a life-changing diagnosis.

A personal message from Debby Harrison:
Thanks to early detection, I am a survivor.

A second opinion reaffirmed: I had breast cancer. Further investigation revealed that I had Stage 0 and Grade 3 cancer cells. In 2010 after a lumpectomy, I began my six-week radiation treatment at the Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center.

You never think that it will happen to you.... until it does.
If you are reading this and in doubt of getting a mammogram, please do so...

During the course of her treatment, Debby realized how fortunate she was to have been diagnosed early. She decided she wanted to help other women in the community who didn’t have access to the same resources she had during her cancer journey. Inspired by Dr. Jim Herman, Debby and her late husband Michael started the Deborah L. and Michael G. Harrison Mammography Endowment. Established in 2012, this endowment provides permanent funding for breast cancer education and quality imaging care for all women of Mid-Michigan. Debby's extraordinary generosity in establishing this designated fund is matched only by her passionate dedication to increasing education about the importance of mammograms.

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