Celebrating our Partners in Patient care

Sparrow is once again showing appreciation for our Physicians in honor of National Doctors' Day on March 30, 2014.

We invite you to use this opportunity to share comments about the Physicians who inspire you.

These special messages will be sent to Physicians and will appear on this website, on our Facebook page and in other locations throughout the health system as we celebrate Doctors' Day and thank Sparrow Physicians all year long. 

Each and every day, Sparrow relies on our Physicians’ commitment and tireless dedication to caring for our Patients. We appreciate their efforts to provide quality, compassionate care to everyone who walks through our doors.

Click here to share a comment about an inspiring Physician. Check back as we post comments leading up to our celebration of Doctors' Day!

Here are some of the comments we've received so far!

Physician Name Why this physician inspires me Name Department
Dr. Jason Cochran Dr. Cochran is very welcoming to students, including observation of surgery. He is a true advocate for clinical education. He has excellent patient outcomes and it is always a pleasure to work with his patients. Katrina Johnson, Abby McGee Acute Care Rehab
Charles Dillay, PA Charles ROCKS! He always takes time to assist with student education/teaching. He is receptive to therapist input and discharge recommendations. Alicia Gehrs & Jeffrey Cook Acute Care Rehab
Dr. Penner Dr. Penner gives a great hug! He communicates well and is extremely dedicated. Erin Hackney Acute Care Rehab
Dr. Sylvain Dr. Sylvain is approachable, explains diagnoses, gives good feedback and listens to feedback as well. Kristie Franco Acute Care Rehab
Dr. John Gobel Dr. Gobel is thorough, conscientious, and goes the extra mile for his patients. Rhonda Sommers Acute Care Rehab
Dr. Duane Smith Has a wonderful and comforting personality with patients and families. I would recommend him to anyone with ENT issues. Chris Monroe PFS
Dr Joel Barton Always willing to help, informative, kind, compassionate to patients, reliable. We can always count on Dr Barton when we need help in our area. Thank you Dr J. Barton we ALL appreciate you! Joan Grant, RN OPSU/tower
Dr. Kenneth Morrison He is truly a Magnet Status Physician! He provides excellent care to his patients. He has a gentle spirit. He is a surgeon that goes above and beyond to meet the needs of those around him. Micki Doherty Out Patient Surgery Discharge Area
John Laurain, M.D. In working with Dr. Laurain at the Sparrow Specialty Hospital, we have found that he is thorough in evaluating difficult potential patients and that his eventual care for his patients here continues to be thorough and personal. He is a good team player! Mary Mitchell, RN & Trish Wiseman, RN Intake Case Management at Sparrow Specialty Hospital
Dr. Timothy Hodge Dr. Timothy Hodge demonstrates excellence as an attending physician, patient advocate, and senior medical executive. He remains highly responsive to concerns that are brought to him, consistently takes the time to talk with and listen to staff, and does his best to advocate on behalf of Emergency Services whenever he is needed. He genuinely "walks the talk" as a role model and leader. Ann Marie Bunce Emergency Services
Dr. Adeeb Safiia Always willing to answer questions for staff. Very kind and professional nature with his patients. Amy Tomlin CRU
Dr. Razak He is a caring physician and is very passionate about his job. Anonymous
Dr. Spedoske He cares deeply for his patients and exemplifies compassion and concern above and beyond. Professionally I have walked next door and waited to leave a message concerning a patient we see together and he has come out to answer my questions directly. This whole group of physicians are highly recommended in my book. Carol Tepatti Grand Ledge Physical Therapy
Timothy Izzo He always has a smile and warm hug despite his busy schedule. He has such compassion for his patients and is willing to grab a book if need be to get to the bottom of a diagnosis. He cares for his patients like they are his own family. He even often will personally call back for a professional question about a mutual patient concern. Carol Tepatti Grand Ledge Physical Therapy
Mike Andary He is very friendly and approachable. He has great respect for the rest of the rehab team and our contributions. He has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to talk to staff, families and patients. Monica 6 Foster
Jim Sylvain He is always friendly and accessible. He is kind to patients, families and staff not to mention he has great knowledge in physical medicine. Monica 6 Foster
Dr Chet Morrison On 6/5/2013, my son was in a horrific auto accident. He was extremely critical upon arrival at Sparrow. Dr Morrison along with Dr Mosher performed surgery that saved his life. During the 22 days recovering in the hospital, these 2 Drs along with Dr Cho, gave him wonderful medical attention and the encouragement to get better. My son wouldn't be here today without them. Thank You Doctors Stacy Winn PFS
Vibhav Bansal, MD Dr Bansal relates well to Patients & staff & does a beautiful job when he explains procedures & disease processes. He is always willing to assist & very caring to staff and Patients. Dr Bansal is an excellent teacher & skilled diagnostician. Dr Bansal has been a refreshing personality, joy & inspiration to work with & a wealth of knowledge. Mid-Michigan is blessed with his devotion to teaching and passion for improving Patient outcomes. Marylou Mitchell, MSN, RN Comprehensive Stroke Program
Dr. Said Omar Dr. Omar is committed to quality patient care. He is invested in the Nurse, Physician relationship. Families in the RNICU appreciate his care and concern. Kathy Marble RNICU
Stephen Guertin, MD Dr. Stephen Guertin’s compassion for his patients is awe inspiring. His work with child abuse victims is more than admirable. Not only does he personally interact with his patients and their families, but with PS workers, attorneys, primary care physicians and several different county CAC agencies. He is also nationally recognized as a child abuse expert. Sparrow if very fortunate to have a physician of his qualifications and expertise on staff here. Cynthia Danby Pediatric Intensivists
Mariyn Viera She's been my family's DR for 20 yrs. Including my parents for past 3 years. From the recovery of my son's horrific auto accident on 6/5/13 to the recent passing of my stepmom of lung cancer, Dr Viera and her staff went above & beyond with their compassion, direction and support. There's no one better. Stacy Winn PFS
Dr. Timothy Hodge Dr. Hodge is amazingly supportive of our Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner team. He collaborates with us and encourages us to implement best practice procedures in the realm of forensic nursing. He is forever encouraging our autonomy as nurses. However, he is only a phone call or door knock away to help us when needed. Thank you so much Dr. Hodge for helping us provide the much needed care to our special patient population. We truly appreciate you!! You are one of a kind:) Bethanie De La Ossa RN SANE SANE
Dr. Jim Olson Dr. Olson is a thoughtful leader who is often the calm in the storm. He is a great listener and problem-solver. Mary Lou Wesley Administration
Dr. Tim Hodge Dr. Hodge is passionate about the quality of care for the emergency patients. He is a supportive partner for the nursing leaders in his area, working to improve quality outcomes and the patient experience. Mary Lou Wesley Administration
Dr. Karen Kent Dr. Kent is a leader with high integrity, compassion, and a commitment to quality and safety. In addition, she is a great teacher and mentor. Mary Lou Wesley Administration
Dr. John Kepros Dr. Kepros is patient centered and passionate about his work as a surgeon and the Trauma Program Leader. He is committed to making a difference in our community. Mary Lou Wesley Administration
Dr. Brian Schroeder Dr. Schroeder always puts the patient first in his decision-making. He is very supportive of nursing. I couldn't ask for a better physician partner for me as the Chief Nurse. Mary Lou Wesley Administration
Dr. Brian Schroeder It takes a unique arsenal of talents to step into the role of CMO and I would like to thank Dr. Schroeder for shouldering this massive responsibility. He has led with vision, engaged with humor, demonstrated accountability, and ALWAYS sought to put the humanity of our patients in the forefront of organizational change. Thanks for setting our sails in the right direction. Susan Wisser Patient Experience
Dr Ken Kaneshiro Dr Kaneshiro is a dedicated physician who is willing to take extra time to communicate and assist his patients in their health regimen. We have one patient who was very proud of his I-pod however, didn’t really know how best to use it. Dr Kaneshiro took time to enter his medications, their doses and administration instructions so that the patient could more easily refer to it and help us to verify what he was taking at each visit. Previously, this patient was not particularly engaged in his care and didn't really even know what meds he was taking. This is just one example of going the "extra mile" to help patients engage in understanding and impacting their own care. Sandy M RN SMG Mason
Dr. Patricia Crowe Dr. Crowe is dedicated to the health of those in our community. Her leadership at Sparrow's Urgent Care Centers is helping to pave the way in the important sector of out-patient care. Her warm caring nature, and commitment to teamwork, help even the most unexpected events work out well for her colleagues and patients. Susan Wisser Patient Experience
Dr. Jim Sylvain Dr. Sylvain brings HOPE to the bedside of those who struggle to climb back into their lives. His skill in assessment, and his attention to the coordination of care, are opening new horizons for Sparrow's profile in Rehabilitative Medicine. Thanks for helping "Tomorrow" arrive Today! Susan Wisser Patient Experience
Dr. Amy Blasen Dr. Blasen's unflagging commitment to her Peds ED Team and her tiny patients is obvious to anyone who is lucky enough to know her. She is a Can-Do person, smart as they come, and her enthusiasm for the gift of each day makes her a joy to work with. Susan Wisser Patient Experience
Dr. Timothy Hodge Dr. Hodge never fails to bring kind-hearted warmth and compassion to the to the patient's bedside, even in the midst of the most hectic ED shift. He's a role model and a friend and one fine physician with whom to work. Thanks for the privilege. Susan Wisser Patient Experience
Dr. Karen Kent When I think of our ICARE Values, I think of Dr. Kent. She is indeed Innovative, daring to show that Compassion and Accountability can reside in a single process. She is genuinely Respectful of others and their opinions and when rolled into One Sparrow Way, she is surely guiding us towards Excellence. Susan Wisser Patient Experience
Drs Luginbill, Newman and Ludwig Your collaboration to ensure quality, compassionate care for our patients is outstanding! The kindness, generosity & support you provide your staff daily is much appreciated. Thank you for everything you do. Cathie Sandin RN SMG - Lansing
Dr. Joseph Meunier Dr. Meunier worked with my mom for several years as she fought ovarian cancer, which he discovered in its latter stages when he did a hysterectomy. Had it not been for that hysterectomy, my mom probably would have died years ago. He was always honest and straight forward regarding how her treatments were going, and was always patient in answering her questions. Although my mom lost the battle with ovarian cancer, she was given several more years to live because of Dr. Meunier's expertise. Katie
Dr. Joseph Meunier Dr. Meunier worked with my mom for several years as she fought ovarian cancer, which he discovered in its latter stages when he did a hysterectomy. Had it not been for that hysterectomy, my mom probably would have died years ago. He was always honest and straight forward regarding how her treatments were going, and was always patient in answering her questions. Although my mom lost the battle with ovarian cancer, she was given several more years to live because of Dr. Meunier's expertise. Katie
Muhammad Hamdan, MD Dr. Hamdan inspires me to do my best at work because of the example he sets for me with his standard of excellence in healthcare as well as his compassion for both his patients and his staff. He loves to teach and challenge us in our jobs to continue to learn about our patients' diagnoses on a deeper level which motivates me to challenge myself in critical thinking. At the same time, he always takes time to make sure his patients and staff are okay on a personal level. Thank you, Dr. Hamdan, for the example that you set for all of us! Terri Sparrow Ionia Oncology
Peter Graham, MD, PHP Executive Medical Director Dr. Graham considers situations from different perspectives to arrive at the best decisions for PHP. He is always willing to make time to discuss opportunities for improving the services we provide. Debbie Twomley PHP, Netwrok Services
Dr. Shyam Bhupalam Always has a positive attitude, so friendly & upbeat, takes the time to smile & say hello to everyone. Cindy Hartley outpatient dialysis
Edward Lanigan Dr.Lanigan is always positive in his approach to patients and educates all of us (staff and patients) every day he works with the latest medical news and current events. He is direct in his approach and forthright with information to patients. He always seems positive and "does not sweat the small stuff". Laurel Wound&Hyperbaric Clinic
James Clarkson Dr. Clarkson brings a broader view of health care to our clinic and patients. He is able to explain the benefits of our patients’ involvement in their own care and recovery in a positive light. His sense of humor often "lightens the moment". Laurel Wound & Hyperbaric Clinic
Sergio Bardaro Dr. Bardaro brings a broader view to health care to the clinic and is direct and "matter of fact" in his approach. He also is able to relate to patients well as he explains the changes happening in health care today. He is quick to smile and put patients at ease. Laurel Wound & Hyperbaric Clinic
Andrew Saxe Dr.Saxe always takes the extra time some patients need. He is kind, logical and considerate in his interactions with everyone. He is an asset to the Wound Clinic. Laurel wound&hyperbaric clinic
DR STANLEY DUDEK Dr Dudek is a great physician. Dr Dudek responds to the ER calls for help promptly and without complaint. He takes excellent care of our patients. Dr Dudek takes the time to search out our students and providers to help us learn the procedures as he does them. His kindness to patients and staff is inspiring. Thanks Dr Dudek, we appreciate you. Jane Dailey PA-C ED
Dr. Vangular Thank you for participating in wound care and in the meantime providing your expertise in ID. The combination is invaluable to our patients and most of all to the staff and patients. You spend time with patients and staff to explain the disease process. Thank you for being a team member. Lee Mayes LTACH
Dr Laurain You are a wonderful Team member to be with the LTAH. Your are dedicated and easy to work with. You listen to both patients, staff and family and that make a difference. You are very cooperative in accepting patients under your care, and you always provide the best care. Thank you Dr Laurain for being on the LTACH team. Lee Mayes LTACH
Dr Entler You are an instrumental in my life at LTACH. You are always there for me when I need you. You have made a difference in my life. You are an inspired Doctor to help not the medical but mental and spiritual. The patients and I most certainly treasure your kindness and caring attitude. Thank you for being LTACH Medical Director Lee Mayes LTACH
Dr Kar Willing and always helpful with flexing dialysis time for the acute patients. Taking time to listen to the staff and patients. LTACH Dialysis Dialysis
Dr Bhupalam Taking time with LTACH dialysis patients, helping patient make decision regarding dialysis LTACH dialysis team Dialysis
Dr Javier Easy to work with, understanding of patients' needs on acute dialysis Ltach dialysis team Dialysis
Dr. Anmar Razak Recently Dr. Razak took time to come to a UBC meeting in Patient Placement and discuss our Tele-Stroke program. The nurses were so impressed that he cared enough to include them in the project but to also take the time to spend with them and share the opportunities we have to work better. His collaboration and commitment to this population of patients is great. Tammy Banker Nursing Administration
Dr. James Demuth Dr. Demuth has shown great leadership with our Hospitalist program. He is focused on doing that right thing for our patients. He is always respectful in his communication and follows through on his commitments. Thank-you Dr. Demuth. Tammy Banker Nursing Administration
Dr. Kenya Sekoni From the day I met her in the hallway and chose her as my family physician, she has never changed. Always pleasant, patient and truly concerned with my wellbeing. Always welcome you with a smile and a hug. Not only are you my doctor of choice you have become a friend for life. Tonya H.I.M.
Dr. MaryAnn Tran Dr. Tran is a joy to work with. She is patient, kind, and supportive. Even in the midst of a crisis, Dr. Tran is a source of strength to our department. Anya Abashian, Janice Rey, Karen Salow Infection Prevention & Epidemiology
Dr. Monica Leitgeb She is an outstanding, caring, compassionate very kind physician. She has been my DR for 20 years. She takes time to listen to my concerns and issues even when she is busy and running behind. Very efficient and I don't have to wait long for her staff to make appointments for tests or to see a specialist. She has been there for me and my needs for a long time. Thank you. Carol Martens QA Selection at Sparrow Medical Supply
Dr. Amanda Shoemaker Dr. Shoemaker always takes the time to listen to me as a patient. She does not appear to be rushed through the appointment time (though we all know she always has the next patient to be seen). She is always willing to answer questions and if she is unsure she will find the answer for you. She makes going to the doctor almost pleasant! Kim Wheeler Sparrow ED
Brenda Eaton, MD Dr. Eaton is an excellent physician! She is dedicated to her profession and volunteers to educate young women outside of the office. I can't tell you how many times she has helped me personally with challenging health care concerns. She is truly inspiring and I am thankful to work with her and to have her in my life! Dana Elmo SMG Eastside
Dr.Greg Holzhei Dr.Holzhei is a wonderful doctor and has a great bedside manner. He cares about his patients and if someone needs extra time with him he spends it with them. I am lucky to be able to work with him every day as his medical assistant. Mackenzei SSJPA
Dr Joel Barton Dr Barton is one of our awesome anesthesiologist. Always willing to help start and IV, comfort a patient or assist the nurse anyway he can. Thanks Dr. Barton we ALL appreciate your kindness and help! Joan G., RN OPSU
Dr Bo Wu Dr Wu is an excellent Internal Medicine Physician. Very smart, hardworking and very dedicated to his patients. He always goes the extra mile and double checks to make sure all that was ordered was done, and everything is always taken care of. He is much appreciated. Staff Sparrow Medical Group
Dr. Gregory Lawson Dr. Lawson is a very compassionate doctor who cares about his patients and his colleagues. All of your patients love that you go above and beyond for them. I love coming to work every day and working with him. He has brought so much laughter to our office. Kali Schneider Tony Balice Clinic
Dr Lynn Toaz Dr Toaz comes in everyday with a huge smile and always ask how you are doing in such a sincere way you know she truly does want to know how you are. She is open to any questions you have and never makes you feel rushed or that you are taking up her time. Her kind heart and compassion makes her one of the best doctors I have ever known. Thank you so much for all you do for us. Jill TBC
Dr. Lynn Toaz Dr Toaz is the most amazing Physician I know, I have worked with her 18 years and she always goes above and beyond for her patients putting their needs first, and she is a GREAT Doctor to work for. Dr Toaz all your patients appreciate you. You’rer one of a kind :)And my whole family appreciates you !!!! Kris Rinckey Tony Balice Clinic
David Luginbill, DO Dr Luginbill is kind, considerate, dedicated, compassionate and generous to patients and staff. He is very attentive and caring to all his patients’ needs. Dedicated to his spiritual beliefs and his family. It has been a blessing to work with him for over 18 years. Lou Wagner, MA SMG - Lansing
Dr. John Armstrong My 87 yr old mom-in-law fell and broke her hip. She had surgery and had a two week hospital stay. Dr. Armstrong checked on her and encouraged her to try hard and keep a positive attitude. He would stay and visit for quite some time. A couple days after her surgery, he returned with a tiny ceramic gift of encouragement. The entire family was moved by his words and acts of kindness. He's truly a dedicated, kind gentleman, one of a kind. Donna Guasco TCI-Heart Station Suite 580
Karen Kent Dr Kent demonstrates the ability to consider and address the whole person when treating patients and communicating with families. She models compassion, competence and shows respect for both patients and staff. Her manner is unhurried, engaged and empathetic. Dr Kent is a gifted, kind physician and a credit to the Sparrow team. Sandy SMG
Duane Smith, MD Dr. Smith is an excellent ENT surgeon. He provides exceptional care and he has a great sense of humor. He's especially amazing with his pediatric patients. ENT team Surgery
John Everett, MD. (Anesthesia) Dr. Everett always provides quality care to his patients. He is caring, compassionate, highly skilled, professional, and a pleasure to work with. ENT team Surgery
Martha Taylor MD Dr Taylor's dedication to care of those in need is awesome. She spends a lot of time in making sure every patient gets the best care possible. She goes way above and beyond with her patients DeRose Personius Grand Ledge Urgent Care
EKRAM SMITH MD The kindness she shows to the patients that come to the urgent cares and the compassion she has for those in need is very admirable. DeRose Perosnius Grand Ledge Urgent Care
Dr. Steve Martin Dr. Martin always takes the time to explain the rationale for treatments. He acknowledges the input from nursing and respiratory therapy, and he is easy to approach with questions or concerns. He uses evidenced based practice to provide our patients with the best care all of the time. Jessica PICU
Dr. Satish Gupta I have severe food and environmental allergies. Dr Gupta helped me get my allergies under control through diet and medication. He has given me my life back Mary E. Pharmacy Plus #10
Dr. Ijeoma Nwelue Dr. Nwelue is always quick to respond when paged during the night and enters orders quickly. She has an excellent bedside manner and treats the RNs and PCTs with respect. Kristen Monroe 7 Foster
Dr. John Armstrong Dr. Armstrong is always the kindest nicest Dr. to all the operators, He has so many patients if we have to look something up for him. Ruth LOSH SWITCHBOARD
Dr. John Putz We would like to acknowledge the dedication that Dr John Putz (Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine) has put forth coming to the Sparrow Ionia Hospital Clinic. He goes above and beyond to make sure his orthopedic patients receive the best care possible. He is truly a pleasure to work with. Thank you! GO TIGERS!! Cindy, Margo and Sue Sparrow Ionia Hospital - TBC Orthopedic Clinic
Dr Amy Jentz and Dr Ronald Hyde We would like to recognize the devotion that Dr Amy Jentz and Dr Ronald Hyde continue to show each and every day to their surgical patients at Sparrow Ionia Hospital. Working with both of you has been a privilege. Jackie, Margo and Cindy Sparrow Ionia Hospital - TBC Surgical Office
Dr Safwan Malas Dr Malas inspires me to do my best in a very busy clinic. He radiates calmness. Providing Quality Compassionate Care to every patient every time! Janet goodell Pediatric Subspecialty Clinic
Mindy Lane D.O. Seeing patients on a daily basis tell her "Thanks, for saving my life" She is such an excellent caring surgeon Holly Gessler SMG Bariatric Surgery
John W. Gobel Dr. Gobel is always there for his patients. His primary concern is always for the patient. He knows his patients as people--not just patients. They never feel rushed or like they are just a number. He gives them the time they need to help him understand their physical and emotional needs. That knowledge allows him to be more than just a physician to them--he does what he can to heal their hearts, their minds, and their bodies. Taking care of people is his top priority. Jo Lynn Strong
dr neiberg because he is the sweetest kindest doctor here. always so pleasant to talk to Beverly med records
dr rapson She stays very current in her field; she has a patience and kindness that is constant with her patients; she is extremely approachable and knowledgeable.
dr. de la Fe He is not only an expert diagnostician; but also extremely compassionate and goes out of his way for his patients.
Matthew Wilcox, TCI Dr. Wilcox treats everyone with respect. It doesn't matter if you work in Environmental Services, Nursing, or any other area of the hospital. He's down to earth, friendly, and always says hi when he passes you in the hallway. He makes me feel like I am important and a part of the team. Betty Jo Peck Sparrow Clinton - Environmental Services
Dr. Brad Ropp Dr. Ropp was so kind and informative when I arrived as the new Sparrow Home Care Director. He helped explain the organization work flows, was very helpful in giving me background information and history, was supportive and patient focused in his practices and guidance and was very helpful in making my transition smooth and welcoming. I love working with him! Amy M. Parkinson RN BSN MS Sparrow Home Care
Dr. Lynn Toaz Dr. Toaz is an amazing Physician! She is so caring and sweet. She truly cares about my family's health and well-being. She makes my children feel so comfortable and happy during their appointments. Kudos to Dr. Toaz and her awesome staff!! Sarah Sullivan
Dr. Martin Schoenmaker A gentle and kind man who is passionate about women’s health. Inspires me to be kind and gentle to our patients. Cathy Medrano OP Rehab
Dr. Kathleen Waldron She is very easy to talk to, a good listener and thinks "outside the box". Cathy Medrano OP Rehab
Dr. Thomson Top notch surgical care and wound care. Sees consults quickly. Easy to work with patients love him. Sparrow specialty wound team LTACH
Dr. Saxe Compassionate care. Top notch wound care. Willing to stop and teach the patient and staff. Very thorough care. Sparrow Specialty Wound Team LTACH
Dr. Hagan Top notch surgical treatment. Joy to work on wounds with. Very positive influence on the floor. Patients enjoy his presence and educates on new thing with ease. Willing to help whenever possible. Sees consults quickly. Sparrow specialty wound team LTACH
Dr. Clarkson Top notch surgical Flaps. Creative treatment plans and great work ethic. Easy to work with. Sparrow specialty wound team LTACH
Dr. Bhupalam You are always compassionate to your patients and staff. It is a pleasure to work with you. Chris Jung, RD Food and Nutrition Services
Dominic Barberio Dr. Barberio is wonderful and so kind to his patients, he ensures they are taken care in the physical aspects and supported emotionally as well. Each and every one of his patients are given his utmost attention. Dr. Barberio really cares about his patients and their social well being after each hospital visit. Thank You Dr. barberio for just being who you are. Joyce Byrd PCT/PEP OPS/ENDO St. Lawrence Campus
Dr Mark Lewis Thank you for providing the residents and staff with your expert knowledge and willingness help us provide care to sometimes difficult patients. Joyce Bogard Ob Gyn Womens Center
Dr. Mary Pugmire She provided excellent care for both of my pregnancies and was always relatable and so friendly. I felt very comfortable with her and have referred others to her! Elizabeth Simon LOD
Dr. Bhagya Venkatesh Dr. Venkatesh inspires all and is a joy to work with. She is very caring with her patients and goes to all lengths to provide the best care and is always looking for new ways to improve the care for her patients. Jaime Lilly Family Health Center Portland
Dr. Jennifer Hawkins Her compassion in dealing with patients regardless of the issue, but especially with the sadness of a miscarriage(s) is so appreciated. Elizabeth Simon LOD
Dr. Bhagya Mysore Venkatesh Dr. Venkatesh always goes above and beyond for her patients. She is always looking for new ways to bring pediatric services to our office for the convenience of our patients. She often takes time out of her busy day to help educate me. Our patients love her pleasant and cheerful demeanor, so do I. Sarah Pratt Portland Family Health Center
Tim Byker, PA Tim has demonstrated great skills to ED patients and is well liked by patients and Caregivers there who have worked with him. He is eagerly expanding his role to cardiology and the patients there also feel he is motivated, takes time with them, and is very knowledgeable. He is a pleasure to work with. Ricki Burk, MSN SIH Nursing Administration
Dr. Molly Craven Her enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile to help her patients be successful at becoming healthier. Melissa Mayes, RN SMG- Mason
Dr Lisa Ludwig Dr Ludwig is constantly positive and genuine, extremely strong in her faith and keeps that at the forefront of her life, family & wk. She's genuine, honest & realistic. In a continually evolving industry, Dr Ludwig is a constant. She adheres to the ICARE values wholy. I feel fortunate to know her. Melissa Morelli MAC Group Fitness
Dr. Ken Morrison Dr. Morrison is incredibly and consistently gracious and kind. Not only is he a talented surgeon, but he is such a nice man, as well. I am grateful to him for all that he has done for me, and for members of my family. Deb Schertzing SMG Lansing Internal Medicine
Dr. Alan Neiberg Dr. Neiberg treats everyone with courtesy and respect. He has always encouraged me to lesrn, to grow and to believe in my own abilities. When I have said, "No. I can't," he assures me that "Yes you can!" I have seen him do this with so many people in the nearly 4 decades that we have worked together. Deb Schertzing SMG Lansing Internal Medicine
Dr. Mosher Ben Very cool doctor. Always happy and very nice to talk to. Jorge switchboard
Dr. Brandon Minnick SJPA Surgery His kind, gentle and attentive nature make him a standout physician. He takes the time to listen, address issues sensitive to the patient and his personal attention, such as calling the pt previous to surgery, are the added touch that we need in today's almost impersonal society. His ease of conversation eases the anxiety that surgical pts experience previous to procedures. He is bright, warm and professional. Quite an outstanding physician. Amber Lee SMG BILLING DEPARTMENT
Dr. Armstrong James Excellent physician, and the wonderful person. Very respectful. Jorge Switchboard
Dr. Molly Craven Dr. Craven has only been my Physician for a short time but she has never made me feel like I am taking up her time. She makes sure that you have understood everything that she has discussed with you before you leave. She also will help you figure out better ways to manage your health that works for you and your lifestyle, she will even tell you ways that have helped her! She is a very caring and compassionate Physician!! Tammy Yanz Infection Prevention/EPIDEMIOLOGY
Dr. Paul Minnick SJPA His gentle, kind and compassionate bedside manner and personal attention are what makes him stand out as a leading physician. In this day and age of hurried, stressed and shortened visit times, he takes the needed time to address the medical issues. His act of actually listening to the patient; facing them when at the laptop. He takes his own extra personal care in overseeing all pt personal manners and taking extra care in highly sensitive topics or procedures making the patient feel more at ease. Patients feel like humans. Amber Lee SMG BILLING DEPARTMENT
Dr.Porter He is amazing. He works so hard-lives at the hospital. He is has great beside manor. He has a great sense of humor. He just has the best attitude. Amazing doctor. One of a kind. Thanks for all you do! Lisa Baird Financial Clearance STL
Dr Carlos Fernandez Dr. Fernandez has a wonderful rapport with patients and always takes the time to answer ALL of their questions. He has taken outstanding care of my family members. It's awesome when you can find such great care close to home. Angela Keehn SIH Patient Access
Dr. Sharangpani Dr. Sharangpani is consistently a patient and family advocate with a passion for teaching and staff development. Mary Kisting
Tim McKenna He is a caring, gentle, and kind man. When I was frightened from a breast cancer diagnosis and then from a subsequent blood clot, his calm and confident manner put me at ease. He is a blessing to this community. Jennifer Box Outpatient Rehab
Dr Joel Lopez His dedication, the knowledge he brings to the urgent cares and the support he gives the staff when he is working in the urgent cares is phenomenal. I have been in the medical field for over 25 years and have worked with several physicians and it is nice to see someone in the field with the attitude, compassion and caring that Dr Lopez has. DeRose Personius Grand Ledge Urgent Care
Dr. Paul Minnick Dr. Minnick is very concerned for his patients, especially those with transitions in care, where they are most vulnerable. Julie Schrantz Sparrow Clinton Pharmacy
Dr. Holzhei He always makes time for his committee assignments and has good insights and valuable contributions at the meetings. I appreciate his efforts for community wellness by working on the Mint 5-miler Race each year. Julie Schrantz Sparrow Clinton Pharmacy
Dr. Christopher Beal Dr. Beal has worked very hard to make the Epic system workable and safe for patients. I appreciate his efforts on behalf of patients and caregivers. Julie Schrantz Sparrow Clinton Pharmacy
Dr. Alan Neiberg He truly cares about his patients and his colleagues. Always asking how we are and taking note of the new things going on in our lives. He's never too busy to answer a question and takes a true interest in us as people. I appreciate that he appreciates the nurses who care for his patients and takes time to notice the job we're doing. He conveys a trust in us that not all physicians do and gives us the utmost respect, always. I truly enjoy working with Dr. Neiberg :) Katie Pontifex, RN Float Team