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Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB-GYN)

You are our priority

Caring for moms and babies doesn’t start or stop at the delivery room. In fact, reproductive health should be a life-long priority – and we’re here to help. Our nationally recognized OB-GYN physicians provide specialized knowledge combined with inviting environments to treat your unique needs. From pregnancy and childbirth, menstruation and fertility issues, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), hormone disorders, menopause and more, our OB-GYN Departments are here to focus on your body’s needs. 

E.W. Sparrow Hospital’s highly qualified obstetrics and gynecology doctors have many practices and partnerships across the Mid-Michigan region. Our expert team also includes Mid-Michigan’s only board-certified perinatologist (a type of obstetrician who specializes in treating high-risk pregnancies).  

Whatever your body needs and wherever you find yourself in your reproductive journey, we hope you’ll trust us with your most intimate needs.

SMG Lansing OB/GYN Lansing 

Phone: 517.364.5210

Fax: 517.364.5216


SMG Lansing OB/GYN Okemos  

Phone: 517.381.6870

Fax: 517.381.6871


SMG OB/GYN Carson City

Phone: 989.584.3107

Fax: 989.584.6458


SMG OB/GYN Greenville (Clinic)

Phone: 989.584.3107

Fax: 989.584.6458



SMG OB/GYN Ionia (Clinic)

Phone: 616.523.1630

Fax: 616.523.1631



SMG OB/GYN Ithaca (Clinic)

Phone: 989.584.3107

Fax: 989.584.6458


SMG OB/GYN Lake Lansing Road

Phone: 517.253.3910

Fax: 517.253.3911


SMG OB/GYN Mt. Pleasant (Clinic)

Phone: 989.584.3107

Fax: 989.584.6458


SMG OB/GYN St. Johns

Phone: 989.227.3435

Fax: 989.227.3436


SMG OB/GYN Stanton (Clinic)

Phone: 989.584.3107

Fax: 989.584.6458


Clinical Services

Labor & Delivery

Labor & Delivery

With 4,000 deliveries a year and the region’s only RNICU, Sparrow Hospital is mid-Michigan’s go-to center for best-quality care for babies and moms.
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Gynecological Surgery

Gynecologic Surgery When medication and non-invasive procedures are unable to relieve symptoms, surgery remains the accepted and most effective treatment for a range
Dr. Rakowski Gynecologic Oncology

Sparrow Medical Group Gynecologic Oncology

Sparrow Medical Group Gynecologic Oncology provides expert, industry-leading, specialized care for women with gynecologic conditions.