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World-class cancer care in the community you call home

You don’t have to travel far from home to receive world-class cancer care. At Sparrow’s oncology center, you’ll receive the best-available treatment you’d find in any academic research hospital, right here in Mid-Michigan. 

Sparrow Hospital was one of the first in the nation to attain the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative Certification. We are nationally recognized by the Commission on Cancer Accreditation Program. 

With the launch of the state-of-the-art Herbert-Herman Cancer Center in 2017, Sparrow secured our reputation as the most comprehensive provider of cancer care in Mid-Michigan. At this flagship oncology center, patients like you can access top-of-the-line biomedical technology, renowned cancer experts and pioneering clinical trials.

Cancer care is also available at community hospitals throughout the region. At Sparrow Clinton, Sparrow Ionia, and Sparrow Carson, you’ll see the same highly-trained oncologists, who travel throughout our communities.

Our team approach helps you start treatment sooner

As a patient, you’ll benefit from Sparrow’s innovative, patient-centered approach to cancer care, which is unique in Mid-Michigan. That’s because we run multidisciplinary clinics for all types of solid tumor cancers, including a breast cancer clinic, lung cancer clinic and more. 

During these clinics, we bring all the experts together to create a plan personalized for you. You’ll meet with a surgical oncologist, a radiation oncologist, a medical oncologist, a social worker, a nurse navigator, a genetic counselor, pathologist, radiologist, an oncology-certified dietician and even a clinical trials rep -- all in the same room, at the same time. Together, they develop a highly individual approach to your care.

Not only does this collaboration lead to the best possible plan of care tailored to you, it also means that you don’t waste time going to multiple appointments; instead, you can spend that time and energy getting started on your treatment. 

Along with dedicated nurse navigators to help guide you through the whole journey of cancer therapy and survivorship, Sparrow cancer center is also home to one of the region’s only oncology-certified social workers, and the region’s only full-time genetic counselor.

The best technology to help you heal

When choosing a cancer care center, a dedicated and highly-experienced team of oncology specialists should come first -- and you’ll find that at Sparrow. You’ll also find impressive amenities and the most advanced therapeutic technology in Mid-Michigan. 

For example, Sparrow is one of just 13 hospitals nationwide to deploy the ViewRay MRIdian Linac, a best-in-class MRI-guided radiation therapy system. The ViewRay can simultaneously provide imaging and treatment, allowing technicians to target radiation therapy much more effectively. 

The Herbert-Herman Cancer Center’s 40 infusion bays are designed with a peaceful experience in mind; the custom recliners overlook a lovely rooftop garden. 

Everything about our facilities is designed to make patients like you feel as comfortable and well-cared-for as possible, so you can focus your energy on your survivorship.

Clinical Services

Medical Oncology Infusion

Medical Oncology

The role of the medical oncologist is more than just prescribing medications to treat cancer.
pediatric oncology boy and nurses

Pediatric Oncology

Our multidisciplinary pediatric cancer team provides quality, developmentally based care using state-of-the-art treatment based on national protocols.
breast cancer clinic scan review

Radiation Oncology

Sparrow Hospital has a long heritage of serving Mid-Michigan cancer patients.
gynecological oncology

Sparrow Medical Group Gynecological Oncology

J. Anthony Rakowski, D.O., FACOOG, is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and gynecologic oncology by the American Osteopathic Boar of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinics

Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinics

The Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center believes in making healthcare as simple and effective as possible. Through our multidisciplinary clinics, we offer coordinated state-of-the-science care to Patients who have been diagnosed with all types of cancer.
clinton serviceline cancer genetic counseling

Cancer Genetic Counseling at Sparrow

As a part of our mission to provide individualized cancer care to our Patients, Sparrow has the only full-time, clinical cancer genetic counselor in Mid-Michigan.
test tube close up


Hematologists at Sparrow work with other specialists including cardiologists, internists, and vascular surgeons using the latest strategies to manipulate enzymes, proteins, and blood factors to minimize bleeding and clotting events. We also treat disorders of blood cells, platelets, and bone marrow.
pathology cytology

Pathology & Cytology

Cytology is the study of cells for the primary purpose of detecting cancer. A range of normal, benign, dysplastic, and malignant cells as well as some infectious diseases are diagnosed.


Sparrow Radiology is a leader in comprehensive diagnostic radiology, providing the highest quality images interpreted by trained radiologists.
Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center

Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center

A state-of-the-art cancer center with the most cutting-edge cancer technology and the region’s only board-certified gynecologic oncology surgeon.
Two doctors examining brain X-rays

Brain Tumor Center

Sparrow surgeons remove tissues from the tumor of a patient and while the surgery is still going on, a neuropathologist springs into action. The neuropathologist,
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Cancer Surgery

Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center has a comprehensive panel of services, treatments, and expertise to serve the needs of our community.


Our board certified hematologists and oncologists employ the most advanced protocols in fighting cancer. Chemotherapy is administered by a nursing staff with specialized training in oncology. Our infusion center is uniquely designed to provide comfort and privacy.

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Compassionate Care Hands

Compassionate Care Services at Sparrow

Sparrow's compassionate care ensures each patient has individualized cancer treatment and care. Explore more of our comprehensive cancer services.
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Precision Medicine at Sparrow

Precision medicine has begun a paradigm shift in cancer treatment; more cancers are now treated based on genomic mutations rather than broad cancer groups.