Sparrow Carson SMG

Primary Care Practices

Your point-of-contact to manage your health

Your Sparrow primary care practice is your medical home for all your healthcare needs. Together, we’re a team. Our goal is to keep you and your family healthy, both now and in the future.

When you find a primary care physician, you aren’t just seeing a doctor — you’re joining a practice. Primary care physicians offer routine check-ups, screening exams, immunizations and can diagnose and treat common health problems, including helping you manage your chronic medical problems.

As a Sparrow patient, you might receive care at other sites throughout the system — whether that means a walk-in appointment at an urgent care, a visit to a specialist, or a stay at the hospital.

Because your medical records and patient profile are always up-to-date in the Sparrow system, it’s easy to manage your care in the way that works best for you.

Chronic Care Management to meet your medical needs

Sparrow has launched Chronic Care Management in your primary care practice. If you are suffering from multiple ongoing health concerns, we want to make navigating healthcare easier for you.

Sparrow has dedicated care facilitators in every SMG office to help with: 
 » Reviewing medication lists 
 » Referring you to needed social support 
 » Providing monthly outreach to check-in on how you’re doing 
 » Connecting with your specialists to close the loop on care concerns

For questions and eligibility, contact your SMG office and ask for your care facilitator. Office locations and contact information are listed below.

We’re proud to deliver excellent care to our community

Sparrow is the only community-governed, community-owned health system in Mid-Michigan. With Sparrow Medical Group’s 30+ practices across mid-Michigan, you can find a family doctor in the same small towns that so many of us call home. And you can expect friendly staff who know your name and care about your needs.