D.C. fans of Sparrow caregivers surprise them with thanks

Published: February 1, 2021

LANSING, MI – We know that our frontline caregivers are heroes but it’s incredibly meaningful when they are recognized for their dedication and compassion by members of the community, even when that community is in Washington D.C.

Caregivers in one of Sparrow Hospital’s COVID units were surprised this morning when nursing leaders handed out 40-some homemade, personalized cards – complete with Starbucks gift cards – created by supporters in Washington.

The outpouring was the brainchild of Nicole Anzia of Washington, who was touched by a CNN report in December featuring a visit to a Sparrow COVID unit and heartfelt interviews with our caregivers. Anzia reached out to a network of friends about doing something for the Sparrow team – they responded immediately with offers to send notes of thanks and encouragement.

“I’m a working mom, and all working moms can relate to being tired at the end of the workday, while still needing a reserve of energy for our families. These women and men have been working so hard for two years under circumstances that must be so incredibly draining both physically and emotionally,” Anzia said.

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Sparrow Hospital Chief Nursing Officer hands out hand-made cards sent from well-wishers in Washington D.C. to thank Sparrow caregivers for their work during the pandemic. A group of nurses on a Sparrow Hospital COVID unit were thrilled to be surprised with the hand-made cards. They appreciate the support they’ve received locally and throughout the country.

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“The exhaustion they must feel, on top of the fear of getting COVID themselves and bringing it home to their families, not to mention the endless conversations they are forced to have with people who won't get vaccinated - it is more than most of us could handle. I am in awe of them.”

We so appreciate the gesture and the outpouring of support our caregivers have received during the pandemic. We can’t talk enough about their heroism during the worst health crisis of our lifetime.

Interested in making your own gift to thank Sparrow caregivers? Go to Sparrow.org/Sparrow-Community-Health/Sparrow-Foundation.


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