Medical Assistant Who aided Patient receives Speak Up Award

Published: March 16, 2023

LANSING, MI – A Medical Assistant at Sparrow Medical Group (SMG) Urology who recently helped a patient receive possible life-saving care has been honored with the Sparrow Speak Up Award for advocating on behalf of patient and caregiver safety.

Brittney Grove noticed the patient had begun to slur her speech and showed signs of confusion, symptoms not present when she was initially brought in. Grove immediately notified a nearby nurse who called 911. In less than an hour, the patent was transported to the hospital and diagnosed with a Transient Ischemic Attack, or TIA, a temporary blockage of blood flow to the brain.

When a TIA begins, there is no way to tell whether or not a person is having a stroke.  Grove’s attentiveness and quick action could have potentially prevented permanent disability, brain damage, or even death for the patient.

Brittney Group Group Speak Up March 2023

Fellow caregivers and managers surround SMG Urology Medical Assistant Brittney Grove (center) to celebrate her Speak Up Award.

Brittney Grove Speak Up March 2023

SMG Urology Medical Assistant Brittney Grove’s displays her Speak Up Award.

“Truly, I was doing what I have always loved and trained to do, having empathy, advocating for the patients, and making a difference in the world,” Grove said. “If I could make a difference in one person's day that I have had the honor to take care of that's what matters to me most.
The Speak Up Award is given quarterly to a Sparrow caregiver or team for speaking up on behalf of patient and caregiver safety.  The health and safety of our patients, caregivers, and visitors is always our top priority.

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