National recognition in volunteer excellence for Sparrow W3

Sparrow President & CEO Dennis Swan; Bill Newbold, AHA Committee on Volunteers Chair; Stella Cash, Sparrow Vice President of Development and Strategic Partnerships; past Chair of W3 Deb Atkinson; current Chair of W3 Lisa Hildorf; and Jonathan Perlin, M.D., AHA Chair-Elect.

Published: May 20, 2014

Sparrow Women Working Wonders was honored by the American Hospital Association during an awards ceremony in Washington D.C. in May.

W3 is one of only four hospital volunteer programs nationwide to be recognized with the AHA's 2014 Hospital Awards for Volunteer Excellence (HAVE Awards) for their extraordinary efforts and positive impact on Patients, hospitals, health systems and communities.

W3 strives to be the Lansing area's premier advocate for women's health and wellness issues through the development and support of a center that focuses on health education and preventive medicine, utilizing the resources of our community including Michigan State University and Sparrow medical and nursing staff. For more information about W3 events, click here.