Physician in Top 25 Healthcare Info Tech experts nationwide

Dr. Michael Zaroukian, MD, PhD

Published: Nov. 5, 2012

Sparrow's Chief Medical Information Officer, Dr. Michael Zaroukian, MD, PhD, has been named one of the top 25 Clinical Information experts in the country by Modern Healthcare magazine, a national industry publication.

This comes as the latest in a string of honors for Zaroukian, including serving on a White House panel earlier this summer.

"I am honored to be in such good company, but more so encouraged by the amazing work we are all doing that ultimately benefits the Patient," Dr. Zaroukian said. "By embracing new evidence-based best-practices to transform care, and maintaining our commitment that the needs of the Patient always come first, we will ultimately fix a broken healthcare system."

Dr. Zaroukian has been key to Sparrow's transition to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), said Tom Bres, Sparrow Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

"His experience and leadership is helping us to ensure the best possible outcome for Patients and Caregivers alike as we look to the future of healthcare in mid-Michigan," Bres said.

Nominations for 25 top "Clinical Informaticists" were accepted from around the country and reviewed by a team of senior editors. Nominees are assessed on successful use of patient-care data to improve his or her organization's clinical and financial performance, a willingness to share expertise with others in the field, and leadership positions in clinical informatics outside of the candidate's own organization or company.

In addition to his position with Sparrow, Dr. Zaroukian serves as a professor of Medicine at Michigan State University and practices Internal Medicine in East Lansing. He previously served as MSU's Chief Medical Information Officer and directed the university's enterprise‚Äźwide EMR implementation. He is a member of the AMA Health Information Technology Advisory Group, chair of the Health Information Management and Systems Society Ambulatory Information Systems Committee, as well as chair of the American College of Physicians Medical Informatics Committee.