Sparrow Carson Hospital features new approach to hip replacement

Published: July 1, 2015

Sparrow Carson Hospital Orthopedic Surgeon Adam Cote, D.O., now provides Patients with an alternative to traditional hip replacement surgery, featuring a smaller incision and quicker recovery time.

Dr. Cote is among the few Physicians in Michigan – and the only one in the Carson City service area - performing direct anterior approach hip replacement. The procedure allows surgeons to make a smaller incision on the front of the hip and move aside muscle rather than cut through it, to place the prosthesis. With other approaches, surgeons must cut through the muscle to reach the hip joint, resulting in a much longer recovery process.

"Patients can expect an accelerated rehabilitation, including a decreased hospital stay and less pain,” said Dr. Cote. “By not having to wait for muscles to reattach and heal, patients are up and moving more easily and quickly with this new approach.”

Patient Charlie Tabor can attest to the value of the direct anterior hip replacement. Tabor suffered with hip pain for about a year before learning the benefits of the procedure from Dr. Cote.

“As a Patient of Dr. Cote’s I would highly recommend this new approach. Dr. Cote performed the surgery on a Tuesday, I was up and moving Wednesday, and able to climb stairs by Thursday,” Tabor said. “Four weeks post- op, I am in physical therapy with minimal aches after my work-outs, and healing wonderfully!”

Dr. Cote cares for Patients in Carson City and Greenville. To speak with a Patient Access Specialist and set up an appointment with him, call 989.584.6320 for Carson City or 616.754.5507 for Greenville.