Sparrow Eaton Celebrates Donor’s Generosity

Published: April 25, 2023

CHARLOTTE, MI – Sparrow Eaton Hospital is celebrating the opening of a special room designated as a haven for caregivers seeking a quiet, therapeutic area away from the stresses of healthcare.

The Lavender Room was created thanks to a remarkable donation from Joseph Eugene Pray, Sr., who joined Pray family members, Sparrow Eaton board members, and dozens of caregivers in a recent celebration.

“Our family has sought care here for five generations and feels incredibly blessed to give this gift to our community hospital,” says Lori Pray, Sparrow Eaton Hospital board member and representative of the Pray family. “The Sparrow Eaton team unselfishly serves and embraces the needs and dignity of every patient who walks through their doors. In gratitude, we are honored to help provide this space in support of all caregivers – present and future – to restore themselves and their souls in a dedicated room intended to renew their spirits.”

Sparrow Eaton Joseph Eugene Pray Sr. Lavender Room

Celebrating Sparrow Eaton Hospital’s new Lavender Room are (from left) Helen Johnson, Sparrow Eaton Hospital President; Lori Pray, Sparrow Eaton Board Member; Joseph Eugene Pray, Sr.; Joseph Ernest Pray, Jr; and Harper Wildern, O.D., Sparrow Eaton Board Chairperson.

Lavender rooms were created amid the COVID-19 pandemic for caregivers in emotional crisis or experiencing compassion fatigue. Many healthcare entities have incorporated these restorative spaces as a way to readily address stressful events and avoid anxiety and PTSD.

Caregivers at Sparrow Eaton may take time during their day to go to the room, which has tools to help them relax, process emotions and remain resilient. Inside, they have access to aromatherapy, sound therapy, massage tools, a calming atmosphere and a private place to reflect or pray.

The Lavender Room also features a no-questions-asked pantry of new, unused essentials (ranging from toiletries to hygiene products to non-perishables) that is funded and managed by caregivers as a small way to take care of one another. 

“In the world of healthcare, we have always encountered incredibly stressful situations and our amazing team of caregivers are committed to being there for our community,” says Helen Johnson, President of Sparrow Eaton Hospital.  “It seemed absolutely fitting that a family who has dedicated their work to supporting people in times of grief and loss, would also want to extend their arms around us at the hospital. The Lavender Room is a restorative space for our staff and visible acknowledgement of the generosity of this community.” 

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