Sparrow First in Region to perform Innovative Heart Therapy

Published: May 19, 2022

LANSING, MI – Sparrow recently became the first Mid-Michigan hospital to treat heart failure patients with new, leading-edge treatment that delivers precisely timed electrical pulses to the heart.

The so-called CCM therapy, also known as cardiac contractility modulation therapy, is a groundbreaking, FDA-approved treatment that improves the heart’s ability to contract, allowing more oxygen-rich blood to be pushed through the body. It’s designed to improve the quality of life for those no longer responding to medications to manage symptoms or slow the progression of heart failure. 

Sparrow Thoracic and Cardiovascular Institute Electrophysiologist Ali Sheikh, D.O., implanted the first device at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing on March 10. 

"This is the next device that has shown to be almost equivalent, or if not better, in terms of delivering effective therapy and helping improve the quality of life so we get to see results in our patients almost immediately or within a matter of weeks or months," said Dr. Sheikh.

Dr. Ali H. Sheikh in TCI Lab Coat

Ali H. Sheikh, D.O., Sparrow Thoracic and Cardiovascular Institute

Just two months after surgery, John Martin of Lansing, is already starting to feel more like himself, and has even been going for daily walks and mowing the lawn again.  While he continues to take part in cardiac rehab twice a week at Sparrow, Martin is making huge strides in his recovery. 

Sparrow TCI is the pre-eminent provider of heart and vascular care in Mid-Michigan, providing highly skilled cardiovascular providers, and groundbreaking cardiac research. To learn more about CCM therapy or Sparrow TCI, go to or


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