Sparrow selected for Landmark Breast Cancer Clinical Trial

Published: February 23, 2022

LANSING, MI – The Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center is the only medical center in Michigan and has joined such national healthcare heavyweights as the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic in participating in the landmark I-SPY 2 clinical trial for breast cancer patients.

In time for National Cancer Prevention Month, Sparrow recently enrolled its first patient in the trial, which is a major step in the advancement of precision medicine. Sparrow is Mid-Michigan’s leader in precision medicine, in which cancer treatment is individualized based on the patient’s specific tumor instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach. Any patient who receives care at the Sparrow Breast Cancer Clinic will be screened for participation.

Quote - Breast Cancer Clinical Trial - Fortes & Thomas | Feb. 23, 2022
“The fact that an institution that is a mid-sized hospital was able to enroll in this, it is truly a big deal. We are very excited.”

Dr. Thais Fortes' colleague, Brittani Thomas, D.O., said the clinical trial highlights the benefits of precision medicine in targeting tumors with pinpoint accuracy, lessening the impact on surrounding tissue and the patient.

“It’s a way to target their treatment,” Dr. Thomas said. “It matches the patient with less toxicity, less long-term side effects and really the best outcomes.”

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