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February is Heart Month


We focus on healthy hearts every month at Sparrow, but February, which is Heart Month, allows us to showcase the benefits of healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. We are sharing heart health tips and raising awareness for the prevalence and severity of heart disease, which claims 655,000 lives in the United States each year. Join us in improving health, saving lives, and making every month Heart Month!

In case of emergency, please call 911. 

Cardiovascular Medicine

Thoracic Cardiovascular Institute (TCI)

  • From diagnostics testing to expert heart surgeons, Sparrow offers an interconnected approach to heart care that sets us apart in Mid-Michigan. Don’t delay your care. Get a checkup today by calling 517.364.9650. 
  • Sparrow wants you to know your options for heart health. Sparrow Thoracic Cardiovascular Institute (TCI) provides comprehensive care for heart issues including blood pressure management, vascular issues, and more. See why Sparrow TCI is nationally recognized as a leader in heart health for over 40 years. For your heart health needs, visit the Thoracic Cardiovascular Institute (TCI).
Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

  • Healthy eating can help you significantly reduce, if not eliminate, your risk of heart disease. Start with small changes like eating 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily and limiting consumption of salts, processed foods, saturated fats, and alcohol. 
  • Looking to manage your weight? See how Sparrow Bariatrics can help you maintain or achieve a healthy weight.
  • Check out our Sparrow Healthy Bites videos to find healthy recipes for any occasion.
  • You don’t need to be a chef to make nutritious, heart-healthy foods for the whole family. Learn new recipes, how to add more color to your diet, and more at Heart.org
  • Quick tips for healthy eating:
    • Eat 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. 
    • Read food labels and look for the Heart-Check mark on packaged foods. Cut back on processed foods
    • Limit intake of added sugars (like in some sports drinks, coffee, juice, condiments, ice cream, soda, and baked goods) and replace with fruits, 100% juice, sparkling water, and unsweetened tea. 
    • Cut back on salt consumption. Watch out for sneaky sodium in pizza, meats, soup, and sandwiches.
    • Replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats such as fish, nuts, and avocados.
    • Add more color to your diet including tomatoes, oranges, blueberries, and eggplants.
    • Limit alcohol consumption to one drink per day or less for women and two drinks per day or less for men.
Heart Month Exercising Couple


  • Did you know that exercising for just 20-30 minutes every day can greatly reduce your risk for heart complications? 
  • Sparrow Michigan Athletic Club is excited to get you moving more and feeling your best this #HeartMonth and beyond. Visit Sparrow.org/MAC to learn about the programs, services, and amenities offered at the MAC. 
  • AL!VE at Sparrow Eaton Hospital wants to help you transform, empower, and enhance your wellbeing. Take a group exercise class, join the fitness center, and more at myalive.com
  • Sparrow offers senior programs and services promoting quality of life, independent living, and healthy lifestyle. Learn more at Sparrow.org/LifeTime
  • Find tips on fitness basics, staying motivated, and moving more at Heart.org.

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for American men and women, but the good news is that heart disease is often preventable.
  • Do you know the symptoms of heart attacks and stroke? The American Heart Association shares what to look out for at Heart.org.
  • Learn how to manage stress with heart-healthy habits and other mental health and wellbeing tips at Heart.org.
  • Smoking puts you at higher risk for heart disease and stroke. Learn the risks and quit today at Heart.org.



  • According to the CDC, more than 34 million Americans have diabetes and one in five of them don’t know they have it. Knowledge is the key to controlling diabetes.
  • The multidisciplinary team approach at Sparrow Diabetes & Endocrinology enables us to provide comprehensive care for even the most complex medical and surgical needs. Read about Mid-Michigan’s only multidisciplinary diabetes service and how we can help you at Sparrow.org/Diabetes or call 517.364.8080.
  • Read about diabetes types, causes, treatment, and more at Diabetes.org
  • Take a risk test, find nutrition tips, make a fitness plan, and more at Diabetes.org.

Weight Management

  • Managing your weight is a key factor in preventing heart disease, as well as other health complications. See how Sparrow Bariatrics can help you maintain or achieve a healthy weight this Heart Month and beyond.
  • Find tips on managing your weight, fitness basics, staying motivated, and moving more at Heart.org.