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Sparrow Medical Minute - Dr. Matthew Dubiel thumbnail image

Sparrow Medical Minute - Dr. Matthew Dubiel

Published on 06/28/2021

In this Medical Minute, Matthew Dubiel M.D., of Sparrow Orthopedic Surgery explains treatment options for shoulder arthritis, rotator cuff issues, Arthroplasty, and common symptoms.

Caregiver Spotlight – Marci Stier, RN

Caregiver Spotlight – Marci Stier, RN

Published on 06/16/2021

Marci Stier, RN, a nurse at Mary Free Bed at Sparrow, goes above and beyond to listen to patients and put their minds at ease as they undergo rehabilitation.

Sparrow Clinton teaser

National Health podcast features Sparrow Clinton Hospital

Published on 06/11/2021

National podcast by the National Rural Health Resource Center features Sparrow Clinton Hospital president Beth Daugherty, board member Amy Palus, CNO Mariah Hesse, and frontline nurse Marcy Snyder speaking about our quality initiatives/performance improvement experience. Mariah serves as President of the Michigan Center for Rural Health and a QI mentor for the past 10 years.